Being socially responsible means recognizing and acknowledging our choices' impact on the greater world. It is our duty to act in ways that benefit our society as a whole, not just in ways that benefit us as individuals.

At our core, we care about the planet we live on and the people we get to call neighbors. We will take into consideration and prioritize the balance between nature and industry… ecosystem and economy.

Our first focus is supporting Land Back, a movement aimed at getting Indigenous lands back into Indigenous hands. Land Back seeks to dismantle systems of oppression and restore responsible stewardship of public lands to Indigenous people, supporting Indigenous liberation, self-determination and sovereignty while also promoting environmental sustainability and economic justice.
We commit to using 2.5% of our Mintenomics charitable fund toward organizations and causes that support this growing movement. The remaining 2.5% will be donated to our first official charity partners: Leyline and Proof of Good DAO.

Leyline, commonly known as the “end poverty charity,” was formed by gaming industry veterans to gamify good deeds and acts of giving in the real world, build users a digital resume of kindness, pay them for their selfless acts, and bring over 1 Million struggling global citizens out of extreme poverty. Their community is open to all who wish to be rewarded for doing good in the world, and they already have charitable ground operations in over five countries. Much like BotB, they walk the walk too.
We are also actively working toward becoming a member of the Proof of Good DAO, an open-source protocol built by the Leyline team to track acts of good and giving on the blockchain, thoroughly vet all member social impact organizations, and shape the future of global charity and philanthropy.

Once we are a full member, we will begin to vote in the DAO Hall meetings to decide where these funds go, which new worthy projects become members and what direction our global charity network takes in the future.

We are, collectively, building something much larger than ourselves, and we are bringing you, our community, along on our journey. Thank you so much for being a part of this new beginning.
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